Top Tips For Selling Your Home

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It is important to us at Douglas Allen that your property is presented to as many suitable buyers as possible.

However, there are steps you can take to maximise your property’s selling potential, to achieve the best possible price and to ensure all viewings are successful – all of which can lead to a quick sale.

By following the steps below, you can maximise your chances of achieving the best possible price for your property while encouraging a speedy sale.


Safe & sound

In order to ensure the safety of both you and your property, viewings are made strictly by appointment only. We do not advise you to allow people to view your home without a prior appointment and you should direct anyone to our office should they approach you requesting to view your property.

A Douglas Allen representative will be happy to assist you with viewings if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.


Spick & span

When viewing a property, buyers want to be able to visualise themselves living there and will expect the property to look as new as possible. To help them with this, we would advise you to remove as many personal items as possible and to ensure the property is clean and tidy.


Bright & breezy

Make sure all renovation work, such as tiling and new doors or fixings are carried out prior to any viewings. This helps the buyer see the positives in the property, rather than notice the things that may need fixing should they decide to buy. You may also want to decorate the home with some fresh flowers.


Odour free

We advise you to find a temporary home for any cats or dogs you may possess during viewings. Buyers may be put off by pets and, occasionally, may have certain pet allergies. It is also important that you remove any unpleasant pet odours.


Shrubs & borders

Ensure your garden is well maintained and looks presentable. Gardens can prove important selling points for buyers and a poorly maintained garden can be enough to put someone off your property.


First & foremost

It is common practice during viewings that buyers are allowed to enter rooms first, as this gives them a clearer view of the room and immediately shows them the full potential, particularly in smaller rooms.

Leave your property’s most impressive room until the end of the viewing in order to leave a lasting impression on the buyer.


Inform & persuade

Inform your buyers of your property’s positives and strong points, but try and refrain from directly selling to them. Tell them of how you have made improvements to the property and let them know of the local area and its amenities.


Pounds & pence

We don’t advise accepting offers for your property on viewings. We want to help you achieve the best possible price for you property and would much prefer to deal with any offers on your behalf.

Should a buyer approach you with an offer, you should politely direct them to us and explain that your Douglas Allen estate agent will be dealing with the price negotiations.


Contact & further viewings

If a buyer is interested in seeing your property for a second time, they should make an appointment through their local Douglas Allen branch. We advise against arranging second viewings in private and warn you against divulging your telephone number.

Top tips for selling your home

One & only

Other Estate Agents may approach you with the hope of winning your business by listing your property with them as well. To prevent having to pay two estate agency fees, you should make us aware of this.