Right now the most up-to-the-minute advice is crucial, as lender criteria, government support and product availability are changing daily, all this determines whether you are able to get the mortgage you want or thought you could previously and how much you end up paying, sometimes for many years. So you need to know that you are with the right broker.

All ours are from Mortgage Matters Direct. Unlike some other brokers, they search the whole of the market for you, and have access to exclusive rates and products you wouldn’t find on the high street. So you get the best mortgage available that fits your personal circumstances.

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You probably have lots of questions, so below are a few of the most common ones, with answers from the Mortgage Matters Direct team.

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Can I still borrow as much as I could before, and buy with a small deposit?


As with most things, this really depends on the lender. Your personal circumstances play an important part of course – what you do for a living and how you get paid – but the best brokers will match you to the lender that’s just right for your situation, and also have access to exclusive rates and products that aren’t available to the whole of the market.


Is there a way I can protect my family and my home?


There are many options available to you, such as fixing your mortgage, getting a lower rate or paying it off, or protecting your income with insurance that’ll give you regular monthly payments for as long as you need, if you become ill.


I haven’t got as much money coming in – how can I pay the bills right now?


If you’re a homeowner, you can release some equity from your property to raise some funds – just enough to get you through the more difficult months.

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